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Ace Pillar Group
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  Ace Pillar Group

Ace Pillar Group was established in 1984 as a Channel/Distributor of renowned brands for transmission control in Asia. This Channel is established through intimate relationship with world renown brands and is introduced to the end users through Ace Pillar’s value-added integrated platform. It has research, selection, introduction and technical competencies to add value from a single product into an integrated solution. We also provide market development trends to our suppliers. For customers we offer a one-stop shopping through our comprehensive range of different brands. Our Total Solution includes technical services and logistics support so as to help minimize customers risk and cost. 

Ace Pillar is a large win-win platform for suppliers, investors, employees, dealers and customers.

Through years of effort, Ace Pillar Group had established a good standing in transmission control industry. Ace Pillar Taiwan Co. Ltd self-imposed quality improvements saw her achieving ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation in 2002. With it’s HQ in Taipei it has subsidiaries in Tianjin, Hong Kong and Singapore. The strength of Ace Pillar Group was further demonstrated in the listing in the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2008.

Present Ace Pillar Group investments are as follows:

- Taiwan : Ace Pillar Taiwan Co. Ltd

- China : Tianjin Ace Pillar Co. Ltd

- Hong Kong: Hong Kong Ace Pillar Co., Ltd

- Singapore: Ace Pillar Singapore Pte. Ltd

Copyright:Tianjin Ace Pillar Enterprise Co., Ltd. No.3 West 10 Avenue, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianjin, China P.C:300308 TEL:022-24891997 FAX:022-23556368
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